A World Free of Violence Against Women

Make your contribution to “A World Free of Violence Against Women”!

#16Days of Action For The Elimination of Violence Against Women runs from 25 November to 10 December, when organisations worldwide raise awareness of violence against women.
In 1991 the 16 Days Campaign was envisioned by women from around the world at the first meeting of the Women’s Global Leadership Institute. It’s thanks to their efforts and those of many women’s rights activists around the world that 16 Days is the huge success and phenomenon that it is today.
Feel free to share FRA’s publications and reports in order to raise awareness and help end the violence against women #VaW

Main results: http://fra.europa.eu/en/publication/2014/vaw-survey-main-results
Infographic: http://bit.ly/1nnF2WG

Photo credit @ Giulio Rossi

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