Still … about Gore’s TX

I really believe that public figures are a precious and powerful reference for the most common citizen! Let’s look at Leonardo DiCaprio, for instance! And who does not take advantage of this influence to transform the world into a better place to live, or do not care about it and about the people who also live in it, or else … I do not know … The Planet Earth is You! In contemporary times marked by continual degradation of the environment, in so many ways I can not describe them all, reflection on social practices articulates substantially with the (s) direction (s) of environmental education. The construction of knowledge and subsequent action “in the field” should cover the interrelationships of the natural and social contexts, including the systematic evaluation of the process, the role of the various actors and new forms of social organization, that increase the power of alternative actions. I belive that, among other measures of course, the challenge is to reshape environmental education so that proves critical and innovative both in formal, or not formal or informal.

Above all, we all must fight to have a political action, which can effectively contribute to a real social transformation. A holistic perspective of action is urgent. A perspective that links nature and humanity, this last one having awareness, that natural resources are being overdrive itselfs, being the human beig the only responsible for this wear.
So, what’s the role of social education in this dynamic reflection – action – reflection?
Although development of education is a very important and indispensable thing in protecting the environment, however, unfortunately, this policy will give tangible results only in the long period. For this reason, at the same time I have been paing no less attention to other aspects of the problem. For instance, one of them includes the intervention of developed countries in the third world. This is reflected in the fact that developed countries are building numerous factories, mining and primary processing huge amounts of natural resources in developing countries. It often happens against the background of environmental violations or even according with them, but those are not international, they are from local government level – as a rule they are far below the generally accepted standards. Therefore, all the people on earth must understand one crucial thing: that is a common problem and we have to deal with it together. Because ozone layer, oxygen levels, the level of the world’s oceans and have no national boundaries, they are common. So, we really should get a “new thinking on the climate crisis”…

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